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Company Info

Clizia Ornato

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Clizia Ornato has been designing and selling contemporary art jewelry since 2006. The company is based in Bologna (Italy) where the collections are created according to the influences of fashion and the needs of the present. This involves an ongoing search for and scrutiny of the materials, styles and geometric shapes. The result is a niche product featuring the world renowned excellence of Italian handicrafts.

Since 2003, the expressive originality of the collections in limited editions designed by Clizia Ornato has garnered her the attention of prominent fashion magazines, among which Elle, Vogue Accessories, Collezioni Accessori, Collezioni Sposa, Marieclaire, Marieclaire 2, Glamour, Fashion, Flair, Grazia, Gioia, Gz Germany, Santheé Netherlands, Gloria Glam Croatia, Vogue Gioiello.

Production has increased exponentially along with a distribution network in the best luxury boutiques of Italy and around the world.

Showroom Via Vizzani 8  40138 - Bologna Italy  Tel +39 3391753500
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