Ancient Italian traditions are intertwined with love in the collection "I want it."

Interlacing filigree in .925 sterling silver evolve in to blossoms in bobbin lace: the silk thread continues and completes the architecture of the silver strands in a constant play between empty and full, transparency and volume, sensations of lightness and material power.

Sets of magical amulets, jewellery-headpieces for hair, kiss hand bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and good luck belts draw stories between memories and the present of who is wearing them.

The workmanship is well-finished to the smallest detail by master craftsmen and Italian goldsmiths, custodians of ancient knowledge and proud to represent the excellence of pure made in Italy, made more relevant than ever by textural interventions of extreme research.

With a temporal and stylistic leap, the most rigorous tradition transforms and evolves to position itself in the universe of fashion, of luxury and of bridal haute-couture with a cutting edge contemporary jewellery.

un progetto Dsign + LOStudio